Mr. Alieu Badara Taal

(Senior Internal Audit Manager)


Alieu Badara Taal is the head of the internal audit department. He has been in the auditing filed over the past 8 years first serving as an external auditor and now an internal auditor.

Mr. Taal has a Bachelor degree in Applied Accounting at the Oxford Brookes University and he is a chartered accountant from the ACCA.

The department was established by the Board of Directors through the recommendation of the Finance and Audit committee of the Board. Its responsibility and function is to ensure that there is transparency, accountability and, confidentiality over the management of the printing materials and, its processes and the financial operations of the Corporation.

My role as the head of the internal audit is to ensure that the Internal Audit Department is well resources to carry out its functions as mandated by the board in an effective, efficient and independent manner.


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