Mrs. Awa Singhateh – Boye / Mrs Awa Jammeh (Asst. Marketing Officers)


The marketing department is the first Point of contact at the GPPC. It welcomes customers and promptly responds to their Printing and Finishing needs. One of the goals of the Marketing Department is to identify what our clients really need. In most cases the jobs produced have a time or function utility. In the same vein, they Vigorously pursue the production of jobs and ensure that scheduled deadlines are met.

Apart from receiving clients, they also move out to visit other potential business entities, Namely The private sector , Non – Government Organisation , Schools, Banks etc. To sell and inform customers about our print products and services, inspire confidence, make assurance , Negotiate Prices and Deals that are profitable to the Corporation . It ensures Customer satisfaction and at the same time sell the quality and finesse of our products, as well as delivery services to our clientele. The marketers are always on the lookout for new jobs and services that save time and effort.

Another function of the marketing department is to arouse the needs of our Clients, and businesses. Secondly, to provide the public with information about what the GPPC Prints, through TV adverts and the services it renders. Phone-in programmed are done to supplement their efforts and facilitate the selling and promotion of GPPC’s Print Products, that have a good chance of succeeding in the Market Place, thereby making a lasting impression on our Customers.