Mr. Momodou Lamin Demba (Publishing Manager)

Momodou Lamin Demba read English at Undergraduate and Graduate levels at the
University of The Gambia. He is a trained teacher, mentor and in-service teacher
trainer. Mr Demba had undergone different trainings in Child Protection, Language of
Photo and Moving Image, Language Teaching, Senior School Management and so
Mr Demba had taught in different educational institutions before joining the
Corporation in June 2019. He had gathered a wealth of experience as a teacher of
English Language and Literature-in-English at secondary school, college and
university levels. Mr Demba had served as Staff Secretary, Head of Department and
Teacher Coordinator of language clubs at Kwinella UBS, Mingdaw Upper and Senior
Secondary School, Model SSS, and Kinderdorf Botrop SSS. At the tertiary level, Mr
Demba had briefly taught English and Literature courses at the Gambia College. He
had taught Use of English I & II, Gambian Literature (Intro. and Advanced), and
Literary Theory and Criticism at the University of The Gambia.

                                                                                 Mrs. Joanna Gomez



                                                                 Ms. Sally Nyassi (Compositor II)