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MR. Momodou ceesay

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According to section 4 (1) and 4 (2) of the national Printing and Stationery corporation (NPSC) (Amendment) Act 2004 providing for the merging of the national printing and stationery corporation (NPSC) with the book Production and material resorces unit (BPMRU), the objects of Gambia printing and Publishing Corportion (GGPC) are but not limited.

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1(a) To print and publishing , on a commercial basis, documents for or on behalf of the government , public enterprises and private corporation or any other person.

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  • Printing of:
  • Calenders,
    Call Cards
    Receipt Books
    Invoice Books
    Greeting Cards
  • Invitation Cards
    T- Shirts


The Gambia Printing and Publishing Corporation was Established by an act of parliament as a public enterprise in 2006. The corporation is the result of a merger of former Book Production and Material Resources Unit (BPMRU) under the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education charged with the responsibility of providing educational materials (ie teachers guide, pupils texts books etc) for the ministry and National Printing and Publishing Corporation (NPSC) under the central government responsible of providing all necessary printing material such as Government Tax receipts (GTR), other revenue materials for both central,  local  and other government department and agencies.

The rational behind this decision is to enhance and centralized the production of Government revenue materials for efficiency, effectiveness and economy. In addition to fulfilling its responsibilities to government, the corporation has widened its marketing policy into more private sector focus and concentration. It is evident that the corporation despite some challenges has captured significant share in this sector. Some of the reason for this success is attributable to our core competences such as experienced skilled staff and capacity. As the biggest printing and publishing house in the country, the corporation over the years used these competences to compete in the private sector market thereby increasing its market share on an annual basic. These  is not without challenges but are determine to surmount with laid dawn strategies in both short and long time.

The Corporation is committed to providing excellent service delivery and as a result in endeavoring to train its staff in both professional and academic areas with emphasis to technical service spectrum. Commitment to our Corporate Social responsibilities is unquestionable. Over the years, Gambia Printing and Publishing Corporation has supported   many social programs in many areas from educational institutions to medical and Health areas. The corporation considers the needs of all stakeholders and is concerned about their welfare at all times. The performance of the Corporation both operationally and financially over the most recent years are outstanding. Our going concern issue is unquestionable and our liquidity and gearing rations are desirable.

In the Gambia Printing and Publishing Corporation we are committed to both our vision and mission statement as outlined in these statements. We continue to thank all our customers present and prospective for their confidence and patronage and promised to serve them not in how we deemed fit but how they deemed fit.